Loggerhead Sea Turtle Reusable Sandwich Bag Set (Limited Edition) - Carly Mejeur


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With your order of our limited edition reusable sandwich bag set, you will be doing your part by not using throw-away plastic bags, and you will be helping us donate funds towards the West Palm Beach Sea Turtle, along with artist Carly Mejeur. Her artist royalties and a percentage of Art of Lunch profits will go towards The Loggerhead Marine Life Center of Juno Beach, Florida.

Order your limited edition reusable sandwich bag set today and it will ship in 4 to 6 weeks.




  • ECO-FRIENDLY AND REUSABLE - You won't have to worry about all of the plastic waste produced from normal disposable lunch bags anymore after switching to our lunch bags. They look way cooler, too.
  • EASY-OPEN ZIPPER - Feel good about sending your child to school with lunch bags that have an airtight seal, but are still easy to open. Our reusable snack bags are made with embroidered gripper tabs to help open them easily for little fingers or big ones.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Our dishwasher-safe, quick-drying, grease-proof, and moisture-proof reusable lunch bags make cleanup a breeze. Like a pair of your favorite jeans, they will soften and fade with repeated washings.
  • CERTIFIED FOOD-SAFE - lead-free, BPA-free, PVC-free, and phthalate-free
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE - We sell products that last. Our rock-solid guarantee means we'll replace your snack bags if there's ever a problem, no questions asked
    • Snack Bag - 6.5 inches x 3 inches  
    • Large Sandwich Bag - 6.5 inches x 6.5 inches
    • Extra-Large Sandwich Bag - 7 inches x 8 inches


When lunchtime hits, you want fresh food, but you hate the waste that comes from throwing away all of those plastic bags all the time. Us, too. That's why after becoming aware of the environmental problems caused by disposable, non-recyclable plastic bags, we decided to create a product that can help reduce the amount of baggies thrown away every day.

We wanted to design a reusable lunch baggie that looked amazing, but could also cut down on the amount of trash that ends up in landfills. We decided it would be even cooler if we hit up some of our favorite artists and had them provide some of our favorite designs to put on the bags. They all said yes, and Art of Lunch Baggies were born!

About the Artist

Carly Mejeur is a marine life artist and ocean advocate born and raised in South Florida. Her "Nautical Chart Series" connects the natural composition of land and sea with man made lines, soundings and titles. Using watercolor, she seamlessly ties the two together to pose the question, "How do we interact with nature and how will we protect it?" Her work has been featured as shirts and posters for ocean conservation organizations such as The Sea Turtle Conservancy, Beneath the Waves Film Festival, and Justin Riney's Expedition Florida 500. She continues to look for new ways to make a positive impact on the environment with her artwork.


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