Aromatherapy lunch art


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  • Eco-Friendly and Reusable - You will not have to worry about all the plastic waste products from normal disposable sandwich bags after switching to our reusable sandwich and snack bags. They look way becomes too much.
  • Easy Open Zipper - Feel good about sending your kids to school with lunch bags that have an airtight closure but are still easy to open. Our reusable snack bags are made with embroidered tabs tabs to help open easily for small to large fingers.
  • Easy to clean - Our dishwasher safe, quick drying, Sulfurized, waterproof and reusable lunch bags make cleaning a breeze. Like a pair of your favorite jeans, they will soften and fade with multiple washes.
  • Certified food grade - Made from cotton lined fabric with food grade polyester lining that has been tested lead free, BPA free, PVC free, and phthalate free
  • Makes a great gift with lifetime warranty - We sell products that last. Our strong guarantee means that we will replace your lunch Tote if there ever is a problem.